Cargo Bars and Hoops
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  • CB20
  • CB30
  • CB40
  • CH10

Cargo Bars and Hoops

Secures and helps keep load from shifting and falling in transit.
Use between walls or floor and roof of van, truck, trailer or rail car.
Push against load and expand to secure load. For the results, use cargo bar in pairs.
Cargo hoops are recommended for securing large areas, and attach easily to cargo bar.

A. One-Piece Aluminum Cargo Bar Model CB10
  CB10 is constructed of light-weight extrude aluminum tubing that will not rust. Service
range is 87 to 103”. Articulating footpads are located at each end. Easy to operate
locking handle secures bar into position.

B. Folding Steel Cargo Bar Model CB20
  CB20 consists of 1-1/2” square 14-gauge tubing for substantial
strength. Easy-to-operate mechanical ratchet will not slip or
Vibrate loose and works well in freezing and wet conditions.
4” square, rubber protected, articulating end pads keep bar in place. Adjusts from 87
to 115”. Two-piece hinged bar can be folded and stored in trailer cab to minimize pilferage.

C. Two-Piece Galvanized steel Telescoping Cargo Bar Model CB30
  CB30 adjusts from 64 to 140” . Made of 1-1/2” square 14-gauge tubing.
Galvanized steel construction is ideal for refrigeration trucks. 4” square
rubber pads are vulcanized to metal ends for a more secure fit and
longer life. Articulating pads allow angled mounting.

D. Steel Cargo Bar Model CB40
  CB40 steel cargo bar helps keep your cargo in place without
damaging walls. Adjusts from 82-1/2 to 110” and features a heavy
duty locking ratchet with 3-3/4” square rubber foot pads. One piece
unit is constructed of 1-1/2” steel tube for substantial strength.

E. Cargo Hoops Mod el CH10
  For use with CB20, CB30 and CB40.
CH10 are constructed from galvanized steel and each measures
24” W×36”L. Expand the retention area to secure a large area of
smaller boxes or cartons. Installation hardware is included.
Sold in pairs.


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